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Webbing Straps

Webbing straps are a very good decoration that can be used as a primary or secondary accessory in hats, sheets or curtains, and sometimes with such an accessory, they can make your outfit look more unique and special. In additional, they can provide a variety of color weaving effects, and is also a very good household item.
These webbing straps include heavy-duty webbing straps and light-duty webbing straps, which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as apparel, shoe materials, luggage, industrial, agricultural, military, transportation.
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  • Heavy Duty Lashing Straps

    Heavy Duty Lashing Straps

    The TOPACK heavy duty lashing straps are the most efficient way to ensure cargo safety on international transport, any transport unit - container, pallet, railcar or ship. Heavy duty lashing straps usually start at 32mm-50mm and sometimes reach 100mm.Read More

  • Heavy Duty Webbing Straps

    Heavy Duty Webbing Straps

    To replace the steel wire cable, people are using heavy duty webbing strap for load securing. TOPACK Heavy duty lashing straps is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping, on any transport unit –containers, flat racks, railcars or ships. TOPACK cargo...Read More

  • Light Duty Webbing Straps

    Light Duty Webbing Straps

    Light duty webbing straps are commonly used as a pallet banding method for heavy product. It is used together with phosphate steel wire buckles to get a high system strength.Read More