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This high quality strapping has the advantages of good plasticity, bending resistance, strong breaking force, light material, bright color and convenient use. In addition to sealing bundles for corrugated boxes, hot-rolled steel coils, and cold-rolled steel coils, it can also bundle glass, pipes, materials, fruits, and the like.
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  • Polyester Composite Strapping

    Polyester Composite Strapping

    Polyester composite strapping is a new type of strapping and packaging tape. This strap is widely used as an industrial belt for pallet straps and for load fixing in containers. Its strength depends on the thickness of the polyester yarn and the properties of the plastic.Read More

  • Plastic Coating Cord Strapping

    Plastic Coating Cord Strapping

    Composite Cordstrap is a new type of strapping and packing straps. This kind of strapping band is widely used as an industrial straps for pallet banding as well as load securing in the container. We are a manufacturer of plastic coating cord strap, which is polyester...Read More

  • Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

    Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

    PET strapping, poly(ethylene terephathalate)(PET) as main material, has become the most extensive polyester strapping band replacing steel belts, steel wires and PP strapping in the world. Product Details PET strapping, poly(ethylene terephathalate)(PET) as main material, has...Read More

  • Manual Grade Polyester Strapping

    Manual Grade Polyester Strapping

    Polyester strapping have been used as a main plastic banding worldwide for decades. It is also called as PET strap. We have poly banding size up to 1 inch. Product Details Our poly strapping is made from pure plastic, new or recycled material. It is like a heavier version of...Read More