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Tensioners has compact structure, light weight, large tensioning force, lock and firm, the characteristics of convenient operation. Tensioners allow tension to be applied to a cargo securing system in an easy, fast and ergonomic manner, with the highest pre-tension in the market. It is the most versatile and reliable way to safely and efficiently bundle bundles of smaller sizes together.
TOPACK provides a range of tensioners for your polyester woven cargo securing systems, including manual & pneumatic strapping & lashing tools.
All our TOPACK polyester straps and lashings are tensioned with hand held manual or pneumatic strapping and lashing tools made by TOPACK. Your application and the type and size of strap you use will determine the best TOPACK tensioner for you.
  • Manual Tensioners

    Manual Tensioners

    The TOPACK manual tensioners have many advantages over conventional cargo securing materials. The TOPACK manual tensioners can be used with our TOPACK Strapping and TOPACK Lashing products.Read More

  • Pneumatic Tensioners

    Pneumatic Tensioners

    Pneumatic tensioners allow you to apply an extreme amount of tension to your strap with minimal effort. The operation starts with the simple push of a button. They are composed of a high quality steel casting fitted with hardened steel parts.Read More