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Strapping Dispenser

These heavy-duty strapping dispensers are ideal for moving heavy steel strips from one location to another while retaining the strapping tools and seals. They are also designed to prevent the steel strip from becoming entangled and unmanageable and unfolded, so the strapping machine improves operability, safety and efficiency and prevents unnecessary waste.
TOPACK engaged in providing an exclusive array of Strapping Dispenser, which is widely used widely in the strapping roll. It keeps in order during packing. Strapping dispenser is movable, strong and easy operation. It can adjust 200mm or 400mm for PP strap, PET strap anf stell strap.
  • Strapping Dispenser For Cordstrap

    Strapping Dispenser For Cordstrap

    Strapping dispenser for cordstrap is the attachment machine for the packing of plastic strapping. It is convenient for user to drive at will in the process of packing with polyester (PET) strapping or polypropylene (PP) strapping.Read More

  • Strapping Dispenser For PET Strap

    Strapping Dispenser For PET Strap

    The portable, lightweight polypropylene tape dispenser is designed for easy dispensing and use of straps. Strapping dispenser for PET strap is the most common and cheapest type of all strapping materials.Read More