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Why Choose PET Packing Belt?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

PET packing belt commonly known as PVC packing tape, packing tape is a commonly used. Now available on commonly used PP strapping, metal band, steel strapping. PET packing belt is an alternative to steel and PP strapping new Paraffin, widely used in all walks of life, why should I choose it? What advantages does it than any other product?

First, high strength: PET strapping with strong tensile properties, close to the same specification steel strip, a common plastic bag several times.

Second, high toughness: PET packing belt with plastic properties, has a special flexibility during transport to avoid bumpy packaged with the rupture caused scattered objects.

Third, security: the PET with no sharp edge of the steel belt, no damage to the wrapped object. In the package and the package will not cause injury to the operator, avoiding all unsafe factors.

IV, adaptability: PET materials and production process, can adapt to a variety of climate change, high temperature resistant, dampness resistant, unlike steel draw moisture rust resistance of environmental pollution and the loss of so bundle strength decreases.

V, convenience and environmental protection: the PET with light weight, easy to carry; small size saves warehouse space used PET with easy recovery, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

VI, beautiful, difficult to rust: steel is exposed to the air and absorb moisture in the air causes rust, PET plastic strapping is not