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Strap Can Replace Steel With It?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Packing tape, also known as the PET strapping, is a new type of plastic strapping, its very high strength, suitable for packing some big tonnage level. At present, some manufacturers are advertised, it can replace the steel, the more cost-effective.

As part of the case, strap can replace steel, because of its excellent pull, the low proportion, calculate prices is proof of a lower cost of product packaging. However, it can only replace the part on the breaking strength requirements less stringent product as packaged timber, and won't replace all traditional steel package.

Why do you say that, because its biggest width is 32mm, performance is stable is the width of the 25mm, which means its largest rally at about 1 ton, stone and sheet packaging, can use it, so that more appropriate. But for some large shelf products, such as large boxes of glass, single weighing more than 5 tons, it is inappropriate, it can only be used for small common framework products, weighing 2 tons or less. Because the traditional 25mm the width of the Strip, its tension is far superior to it, and strip the seriousness of poor, but some of the larger framework, but instead need to be malleable poor packing tape, without packaging firmly fixed, tilt, and so on.

In order to help us better develop the strapping market, therefore, to recommend to customers appropriate packaging products, for some customers uncertain circumstances, you can sample, cannot be judged by indicators alone.