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Pure Raw Materials Packaged With What Are The Advantages?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Pure raw materials packaging materials completely new 100% polypropylene (non-renewable), after the extrusion of uniaxial tension, due to its high transparency, Super, and is called transparent packing tape in the industry.

Pure raw materials packaging

Pure raw materials and packaged with the advantages

1, mechanical stability, uniform weight per meter, belt width, thickness, without deviation, skewness of the products does not exceed 15mm, overall performance improved.

2, pure raw materials packaged with elastic back, high strength, good resistance, chemical resistance, lightweight, flexibility, Super. Longer transport capacity and packaging to the product safety.

3, good adhesion, by its use of the pure raw material to produce, so it can be easier to heat sealing.

Tiny 4, error, width error is not greater than 0.03mm, thickness tolerance is not greater than 0.05mm.

5, pure raw materials and packaged with the appearance of beautiful, high transparency, people pleasing, effectively improve the packaging standard!