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PP Strapping Why Do Prices Vary?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Now Rin lang full plastic packaging market PP packing tape, priced from a few dollars per kilogram, to 20 dollars per kilogram, why is there such a big price difference?

PP strapping

There is an old saying in China, a penny stock. Yes, the price depends on the different materials.

Used in the production of polypropylene composition consists of PP strapping can be divided into:

1, new and pure material type (the highest price, using the best materials).

2, pure material (recycled) (also of pure material without admixture sandwich, but with a certain percentage of recycled material and new material).

3, General-sandwich (sandwich, mixed with lime and other doping products, weight increase, bearing capacity decreases, all PP strapping is the lowest price).

Last Sunday, my sister's House and asked me to help. My sister just got married, when he got married, graduated a few years, nor how much money, he bought a small house, now more stable, getting married and having kids, House, got a big house. Move I found this free labour. Home odd things did a lot, especially household appliances, because just a few years of marriage, home appliances are still very new, are moving to a new home, big fridge how to move it? Chouhuai them.

After early, I was selling, this years engaged in plastic packaging. I have an idea, I said, wait a minute, you, I went to the company to bring the PP strapping and packing buckle used to lay a refrigerator, a person carrying up and down very easy, convenient level.