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Polyester Strapping Most Security Strap Products
- Jan 20, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, more and more of the company product range has been rapidly expanding, enterprises have not only single companies, and has grown rapidly for many industries, various parts of the enterprise. Rapid expansion of the scope of product sales has also led to the emergence of many problems, such as damage of the goods, the goods delayed, traffic accidents and other conditions. Now packaged with markets packed with variety, only polyester packing tape can be used as a long distance, high gravity, demands for a long time.

Three pack of general use and application of products

Plastic straw: straw as a sealed plastic bags, flexible strong, used for bundling bag sealing or hand tied things more, but cartons or pallets and other major needs packaging machine products, insufficient performance of the rope.

Metal packing tape:

Metal packaging with no elongation, high intensity, before major type objects, such as: steel pipes, lead in the logistics, such as bundling, maximum limits for metal strapping is not toughness, easy to wear product and, therefore, more and more packaging flexible packaging by polyester fiber processing.

Pp strapping: specifications, materials, the use of models and the most widely used, is currently the most used packing tape, mainly used for carton packaging, pallets, printable information such as company name, logo, but pulling small, durability is that it is difficult to avoid problems.

Analyze a variety of packaged with the category, performance is important to consumers and customers to provide our customer can choose the most suitable transport packaging