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PET Plastic Packaging With What Are The Advantages?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

PET packing belt also known as PET and PVC belt. Is a new environmental protection replace steel high-strength strapping.

The advantages of PET strapping:

1, does not absorb water, recycling, section smooth, without injuring the surface of goods and the operator's hand.

2, with superior tensile strength, closer to the same specification steel, PP is taken twice times, good toughness, soft texture, it can firmly protect the safety of the product.

3, its wear, variety, ease of use, quality excellent, texture is very light, easy to carry, good saving space.

4, good elasticity, environmental pollution-free, beautiful and classy, strong adaptability.

PET packing belt between the melting point of 255 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius, in shape between minus 110 to lingxia120sheshidu for a long time, with good dimensional stability. Strong weather resistance, resistance to humidity, high temperature, not like steel with rust because of the humidity leads to contaminated goods, affect the appearance of the image and sales.