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PET Packing Belt Stone Package Is The Best Choice
- Jan 20, 2017 -

The selling of real estate, led to the decoration, in daily life, we noticed no, all kinds of decoration materials and the transport of stone, are to transport, using packing tape?

Marble, floor tile, is decorating the House indispensable decoration materials, one of the plates is very heavy, long distance transport is not convenient, use packing tape transport to seed it? Answer is using PET packing belt, and its use of PP-drawing grade resin, due to their plasticity, fracture tensile strength, bending fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact properties, easy to use and so on, has been widely used in various fields.

Stone itself is very heavy, PET strap the carrying capacity can reach 500KG-800KG, not split does not crack, can play a heavy object.