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PET Packing Belt Market Advantage
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Although currently market Shang still many packaging industry in for products packaging of when used of is steel business package with, but steel business package with due to its material characteristics of reasons, hardness high, not easy packaging industry in packaging Shi on its for again processing, and steel business of package with also very easy produced Burr, surface too rough, led in packaging process, will has workers of finger by hurt. Used steel packaging brings to product packaging, packaging industry, is the inconvenience.

PET packing belt the emergence of this new type of strapping materials, no doubt brought new light to the packaging industry. Because it is almost entirely make up for the disadvantages of the traditional steel strapping. Traditional steel strapping, it not only good toughness, according to the packaging requirements of the packaging industry for further processing, smooth surface, workers in the use of PET packaging for packaging when scratched his hand, protects the worker's hand. And, the most important point is that its light weight material costs less and can also be recycled, greatly reducing the cost. So, more and more packages on the market today saw its advantages based on traditional steel strapping and packaging products, choose the PET strapping for packaging.