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Packaged With The Raw Materials As Pure As Possible, Please?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

With the growing industrial packaging industry, packaged with a wide variety on the market today, for different types of packaged with the use of raw materials also vary. Currently brings a wider use of PP packaging on the market said it is processing of recycled materials and other materials, its tolerance and appearance than ordinary packing tape has a significant advantage.

Pure raw materials packaging

Today's packaging industry has developed rapidly in the country, people only pay attention to the price of the packaging material before, and now we not only care about price and more concerned about the quality of it!

As we all know, the raw material PP material used PP strapping, which is extracted from petroleum. Under the influence of global oil price fluctuations, packaged with purity of the raw materials used in the production is gradually reduced, mixed with impurities in the packing quality will be compromised, in the face of temptation of interest, packaging market is filled with good, poor quality of CEN is not packed, but also caused a certain amount of pollution and destruction of our environment!

In contrast, pure raw material strap not only look bright and colorful, but lighter, able to pull heavy objects. Good pure raw materials and packaging in terms of appearance, performance and environmental protection has incomparable advantage compared with other types of packing tape! Packing tape with the raw material more pure, better quality will be!