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New Transparent Plastic Strap Features And Advantages
- Jan 20, 2017 -

1, raw materials, raw materials completely new material (non-renewable) added a valuable additive, mechanical and physical properties of the product more stable and weight per meter accuracy and overall performance


2, product quality is stable, due to the use of new materials, machinery and equipment updates, restructuring of the production process, product's width further stability, avoiding the tape thickness

Phenomenon, the skewness of the products effective control within reasonable limits: pure raw materials, more heat, packed with hot pull is effectively guaranteed.

3, improve production efficiency and cost-effective packing tape can effectively improve Packer efficiency, smoother production lines.

4, lower cost, packaged with the use of any damage to the packaging of new materials, packaging machine damage decreased to 90%, lower wear rates 5 times, new transparent packaging packaging consumption

1%, reduced the cost of packing tape.

5, packaging and use of new transparent packing tape, according to environment protection and international quality requirements, it is truly "first-class products, first-class packaging", effectively improve the product

Image and quality, is the external image has been improved.

6, price, new transparent packing tape from raw materials, product quality, production efficiency and cost reductions are far superior to the ordinary automatic strapping, its price for automatic regular package With 1.3 times.