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PET plastic steel strapping application in wood industry
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Pack strap in the timber industry, PET strap good relaxation of small good impact resistance suitable for long-distance transport for a long time. Below from pet plastic steel strapping manufacturers to introduce PET plastic steel strapping application in wood industry.

Wood is widely used in our production of the PET plastic steel strapping, steel strapping with a well tightening to keep capacity, packed not loose for a long time after, so as to ensure that the goods are transported over long distances with excellent impact resistance. Direct PET steel belt package, goods are not damaged or corroded. Is a good tensile resistance, excellent welding performance packaging materials. Beautiful, environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Steel strap density only 1/6 of the density of steel, prices per unit length is relatively low, 1 ton of strap length of length equal to 6 tons of steel, and the cost per metre of less than steel, superior benefits.

Building in wood packing, also often use PET plastic steel strapping manufacturers of packing tape, used in construction of PET steel belt just hard and good ductility steel 1/6 not easy to crack density than the Strip's economy.

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