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How to use new material PP packing tape?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Many customers at the asking price of PP strapping, always say the price is too high, and often end up buying some cheaper renewable materials packaging. In fact, when we are buying packaged, best not a final price is one consideration, major also packaged with the quality, weight and amount of packaged products, and so on.

However, the new material PP strapping you naturally have it your way, Qingdao cable to provide you a detailed analysis of its advantages:

1, material:

New material used PP strapping material more pure, purity 95%, not bad trash any impurities, and recycled materials in the production of packaging for miserable miscellaneous material, many will be of poor quality.

2, pull:

Material to be used, the stronger the strap tension of pure, new materials used in the production of the strap tension to 1500N, kg, and recycled materials in the production of strap tension can only reach 500-800N.

3, m the number of:

New material PP strap are light weight, light weight per meter, the strap of the same weight, width, thickness, and longer, and with a strap made of recycled material, light in metres short of 4-5. When we use the packing tape, packing tape the longer, more objects which can be bundled.

4, narrower and thinner:

Many companies want to use thin narrow automatic packing tape, it is necessary to use new materials. Because when made with recycled packing tape, in order to ensure the tension, both in thickness and width should not be too small. And the stable performance of the new material, in the case of guaranteed pull, you can also do more narrow thin strap.

5, hot melting effect is better:

Strapping material more pure, bonding better, on the contrary, containing impurities in packing tape, easy to spread out from the connector after the baled, affect the packaging effect.

6, the transparency:

New materials used in the production of relatively high transparency of PP strapping, packaging items will appear upscale appearance.

I company is a professional of package with production enterprise, in whole in East China has is big of influence, Qingdao cable letter by development out of package with is a price very high of package with, using new material added precious additives production and into, pull big, and meters number long, and grams heavy light, and hot melt effect good, each meters only needed 5 points money, for General customer save has using cost.