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Brief introduction of plastic strapping application
- Jan 20, 2017 -

PET steel belt is the internationally popular alternative to steel straps new straps, with low cost, aesthetics, durability, recycling, high degree of automation, generally should be used in place of steel and PP strapping new strapping material, its specific advantages are as follows:

1.PET steel with high tensile strength, dissolving a packaging material with good performance, it can go through a long period of tension pulling.

2. package strap can be used directly, without adding pads, strap will not cause pollution.

3. flexibility is good, the operation is very convenient and safe. PET steel belt not as sharp as steel edges, this installer is a good protection.

4. strap has a high degree of flexibility, and the ability to withstand high impact, not prone to fracture. This great security strap won't break in transit, so as to guarantee the safety of the transport of the material.